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Friday, 29 April 2011

Celery & Corn

My Celery plants are doing well, I have 5 that are a lot further on than the others, and have placed plant pots with the bottom cut off over  to lengthen them before planting out in a couple of weeks, these are for my 1 early show when I need 2 heads for a collection. I will then select another 10 of the others for Harrogate when I need one head for the collection of 6. 

the Onion bucket experiment seems to be growing well I also spent quite a lot of time watering the outside beds as there is no sign of rain in the near future.
I have 2 types of Corn that are not far off being ready for planting out, I intended to plant both varieties together until I read an article in one of my Simply Veg magazines entitled fantastic sweetcorn.
This has changed my mind as you should not mix varieties as they can cross pollinate and will not run true to type,so I now intend to plant one variety in my large tunnel and the other outside as far away as possible to try to avoid cross pollination.
I have also got 50 Unwins Exhibition seedlings, which were sown at the beginning of feb as a backup in case of any disasters. I will be selecting the best 20 and getting them planted out in the next couple of days.
The Quality onions in the tunnel seem to be moving on ok I should have some nice ones to pick from fingers crossed.


  1. Your corn's looking good, mine's only just through and struggling to germinate - is that usual? Only got a handful coming through from what I've sown so far.

  2. Terrific idea with the celery I will have to steal that idea! Good on you.

  3. Damo you should always pre chit your Corn before planting in to compost that way I usually get good results as you only plant viable seed.
    Mrs Bok glad to be a help your Chucks look great.