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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hairy Bikers

Had a visit from my old pals the hairy bikers today,  they were in the area filming and heard about my Onions and veg so they popped in to have a look, they may even call back again with a film crew who knows.


  1. Crickey I'll have to up my game, celeb chefs and possible filming!

  2. Chris not with my Onions Lol.

    Damo Celeb chef’s maybe, but not as good as living in Loughborough allegedly, by the way did you know Roy cropper was born in Loughborough, "WOW"!!!!

  3. Make sure they're at Harrogate, they can cook us a meal with your set of 6. That's all they'll be good for!

  4. Smiff The only thing you will be eating at Harrogate are your