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Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Royal Appearance

The International Kidney New Potatoes have now put in an appearance, and are poking thought the compost. I will leave them in the tunnel till the risk of frost has passed and then move them outside.I should have Slawit Royal new potatoes on the table in June.

I have also made a start on planting the Leeks in to their final positions in the tunnel. I have 20 plants Left after donating as few to other people I intend to plant 11 of these in to the Tunnel the rest will go outside.
I have planted them at 20" spacings and staggered them so I can reach the back row easily.The Leeks have also been orientated so that the Flags point East to West this ensures that all the foliage receives sunlight.It will also be easier to support the flags as they grow,I have also extended the pipe lagging to 18" which is the required length of the blanch.Once they reach this length I will use damp course material and the Leeks will then start to increase in diameter, at the moment they are about 12" blanch and about the thickness of my little finger.

Harley the head Gardner has bee to check on things and done some watering


  1. My two would be ripping the leaves off if I let them get too close to any of the plants!

  2. Damo he is only 14 months old and was really excited when we gave him the watering can and he found out how it worked I would not however leave him unsupervised fo more than 10 carnage would ensue.I am trying to get him interested as young as possible. He is probably good enough to beat smithy already.LOL.

  3. Another insult stored up for the Harrogate memory bank!

  4. And he's taller than you already......