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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Giant Onion Progress

My Largest Giant Onion has now settled in to its final position in the tunnel I measured it tonight as it seemed to be visibly larger the Circumference is now just over 7" which means it has gained an inch in the last 7 days.Considering that we are only in April I am hoping for a 10lb plus specimen. I also have another 3 which are not far behind, these have been potted on for the moment but will be planted in to the other tunnel when the risk of frost has passed.


  1. So big! You make mine look quite inadequate!

    Seriously impressive, Paul. I thought mine were a good size, but they don't even come close to those beauties.

  2. Cheers boys I am hoping that all keeps going well fingers crossed

  3. Good luck, that looks like a whopper to me! I'll go back to tending my spring onions now!!

  4. Damo it has been grown specifically for size it has put on another 1" this week you can nearly see it growing
    the rest of my Onions are also like spring onions at the moment
    thanks for your comments