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Sunday, 24 April 2011

More protection & final 50 bagged

I got the rest of my spuds bagged yesterday I now have 7 rows one of each variety plus a couple of of larger bags with some Maxine. the rows contain Nadine, Amour,Celine, Winston, Blue belle, Sherine, and Cassablanca.
I also made a cage from Flexi balls and garden canes The flexi balls cost £5.99 for 10 from the Range. I used 9 and some garden canes ,which I then covered with scaffold mesh. The completed cage is now butterfly proof and cost virtually nothing to build I now have one flexi ball left any suggestions.


  1. you seem to be growing everthing well so plant the ball and you may save yourself £5.99 for next year

  2. You've surpassed me, I counted up 29 bags the other day, and a couple of 6' rows in the plot and a couple of longer rows up at the shared plot. Will be overrun with spuds!