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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thats Sallot

The Shallots that were put in about a month ago have settled in nicely all have now been thinned and are growing away.
Dan saw his first ladybird last week, I had to wait while today. I will be planting all my Spuds in the next couple of days I will be planting up 100 bags shared between 8 variety's I have already shredded 1000 litres of peat based compost in readiness more on this when I have planted them.  
I also sowed 2 plastic bottle recycling bins with Beetroot and Radishes. I filed these with shredded compost and added some tev 4,these are for the table but  also will hopefully give me an idea when to sow the show ones.


  1. Your shallots are way ahead of mine, they've not split out yet.

  2. Damo I started them a bit early, and there is heat in the tunnel where they were before I planted them out. I have remouved the outer dead bits and thined them about a week ago, but dont worry there is still plenty of time.