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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An extra Eight Inches

I sowed some of my chitted Pinnacle Parsnips in to the wooden bed I constructed last year,and to make it deeper I used some 6" tube and cut some 8" lengths I then bored some holes in the bed and placed the pipe over them,the whole lot was then filled with the same mix as previously mentioned. 3 seeds were then sown to each station. I should see some movement in about 10 days,the trick is to keep the surface of the compost moist this helps the emerging seedling to penetrate through the it. I use a pressurised garden sprayer to do this and then cover the compost with plastic sheet,so far I have had 100% success using this method.

I also planted the remaining Onion setts in to the ground outside they are Stuttgarter and have a great root system already.

I now have 60+ Celery plants as all sowings have germinated after my initial panic,the said plants are now under grow lights as are the Vento and some Unwins exhibition Onions which areare destined mainly for the table.

First sowing of Cedrico ready for potting on again and are good strong plants.

Sweet Candle and Medwyns long Carrots are now showing through at last I will be sowing some more in the next couple of weeks for Harrogate along with a barrel of long beet

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