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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Guess who

Dan sent me this the things you see when you have left your gun at home lol.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

About time

As Smithy pointed out this morning that I have not posted for a while by asking if I was dead I have decided to post something to keep him quiet. Today was my first productive gardening day for a while I managed to get all my leeks collared up with 22mm pipe lagging 18" long this will be the finished length and all that will happen from now will be changing the diameter of the lagging as the plants grow.

I also started to draw the length of my first sowing of celery which are coming on nicely I do this by cutting the bottom of some old plant pots it works well for me Smithy even copied the method last year

Kelsae onions are also doing well in the heated tunnel they are on a par with Smithys sorry Helens  as are the vento

I have been waiting and waiting for the parsnips to poke through and finally after 3 weeks the pre chitted seeds have appeared with a 70% germination at the moment

My sweet candle first sowing of 50 stations have all come through and another 50 sown a week ago have yet to show

I have also got some giant strain veg on the go seeds were donated by dan there are large swedes and carrots, I have also been experimenting with Kondor potatoes which is the world record strain.After taking advice from Peter Glazebrook  on the method I have now got 4 plants on the go

the over winter onions are also coming on nicely

I have started to put my tomatoes in there final pots as some have already started flowering most of these will be used for eating as I dont intend showing any they are not challenging enough so I will leave that to smithyveg

 OH I now have a Restaurant all welcome, Casa Colina Spanish Tapas and Mediterranean follow it on Facebook I need as many likes as possible

And finally anyone know how Man U  did against City ?