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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Poppy the Pumpkin and Blackpool

Took the head Gardener to see the Blackpool illuminations last night the highlight of his visit was going to the pub just like his Grandad.He then spent most of the time looking out of the wrong window at the hotels instead of the lights.

Today me and Linda have been digging out a path in to the plot where there is a hill I just wanted to level it out and get some more soil for the Onion bed
I have also carved Poppy the pumpkin ready for all the trick or treaters photo below

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Today I finally managed to get the cover on the tunnel with the help of Ted and Linda, it was quite windy but it went well without any major problems. This will enable me to grow much more under cover next year. I am now going to make all the beds another plank deeper to give the roots of the crops more to go at. I also intend to start my bags of spuds off under cover i have been reliably informed that this is what some of the top growers do so i will give it a try.

I managed to swap a large bag of Onions for 12 Blue plastic drums a couple of weeks ago, some of these will be placed in the large tunnel for Parsnips and long Carrots. I will be taking delivery of my Pendle Improved Leeks from Dave Metclfe at the beginning of December. I have the grow lights rigged up already and this week purchased a soil warming cable to give bottom heat to them and my Onions. I will be sowing some Onions mid November and have some plants ordered from Vin Throup for collection early January
I have also received some seeds from a grower of giant veg in Cornwall they are giant Cabbage which can grow in excess of 70 lb some Marrow seeds from a 111 pound er and some from a 707 pound Squash which should be interesting. thanks again David

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


As previously mentioned I called in to see Iain at JBA on Monday what a top bloke, he Gave myself and Linda a full guided tour of the Farm I have never seen so many Spuds in one place. it was not possible to take any photos due to all the Spuds being stored in the dark to preserve them. I also got loads of advice on growing techniques plus dare i say it some free samples of Potatoes who said Scotsmen were tight.I also bought some Fertilizer and some Nutrimate to help with the growing of my crops next year. All in all a very worthwhile visit thanks again Iain.
I shall be attempting to cover the polytunnel this weekend weather permitting it was a bit too windy in the Pennines last weekend.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Pumpkin Progress

A quick update on Poppy the pumpkin there has not been any growth for the last couple of weeks so I have now harvested it at around 50lbs.The head Gardner can be seen checking it out below.
As for the Tunnel the polythene has arrived and will be fitted this weekend weather permitting I am also planning to call in at JBA seed potatoes on Monday as I am working north of the border again next week

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Grand Day Out

Had a day out in the Yorkshire Dales visiting a good Friend of mine here is a link to his site not veg related.  he lives in a marvelous location with magnificent views I have put a photo of the view from his decking on this post.

Now for the best bit, on my way I called to see Vin Throup Legendary Yorkshire Onion Grower, to buy some seeds for his magnificent Onions. I also ordered some plants for January collection. What a lovely informative Bloke I picked up loads of tips and had a good look round his set up I could have stayed all day. He showed me his Onion store brilliant the largest ones weighed 14+ pounds and the Quality onions around 6 pounds each can't wait to start growing them next year. 

Friday, 1 October 2010

Tunnel Overwinter Onions Vin Throup

Construction is now well underway with the new Tunnel I have decided to put mesh round the bottom and Polythene round the top this should help to keep it cooler and still protect the crops within. I scrounged the mesh found the pipe so the cost for the frame stands at around £100. The polythene has been ordered today at another £100 so the finished article comes in at £200 not bad for a 30foot by 15foot Tunnel

My over winter Onions arrived this week I have chosen 3 varieties which Radar Autumn Champion & Senshyu Yellow the plan is to grow these in the new tunnel and hopefully they will be ready earlier than the spring planted sets giving them more time to develop a good colour in time for the early shows as there is a class for 3 Onions grown from sets in all my earlier shows. These are now planted and i have spaced them 6" apart and 12" between rows 30 of each variety in the bed.

Spoke to Vin Throup the Legendary YORKSHIRE Onion Grower last night, and will be meeting him next week to obtain some Onion seeds ready for sowing mid November.