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Friday, 1 October 2010

Tunnel Overwinter Onions Vin Throup

Construction is now well underway with the new Tunnel I have decided to put mesh round the bottom and Polythene round the top this should help to keep it cooler and still protect the crops within. I scrounged the mesh found the pipe so the cost for the frame stands at around £100. The polythene has been ordered today at another £100 so the finished article comes in at £200 not bad for a 30foot by 15foot Tunnel

My over winter Onions arrived this week I have chosen 3 varieties which Radar Autumn Champion & Senshyu Yellow the plan is to grow these in the new tunnel and hopefully they will be ready earlier than the spring planted sets giving them more time to develop a good colour in time for the early shows as there is a class for 3 Onions grown from sets in all my earlier shows. These are now planted and i have spaced them 6" apart and 12" between rows 30 of each variety in the bed.

Spoke to Vin Throup the Legendary YORKSHIRE Onion Grower last night, and will be meeting him next week to obtain some Onion seeds ready for sowing mid November. 


  1. Cheers Iain, I hope the produce grows well inside it. I intend to call in and see you on the 18th of this month if you are around and it is ok

  2. That should ok as long as the plumbers don't flood my house that day.

  3. Tunnel is looking good, should do a good job. In the winter you can always staple some polythene around the mesh, thats all I do and seems to work well.

    I was going to contact Vin to see if he was selling large quality dressed class onions. Any ideas if he is going to sell any this year? I don't like to bother him unless he is.

  4. Vin will be selling Onion plants I have ordered 50 for collection in early jan hope that helps Paul