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Sunday, 24 October 2010


Today I finally managed to get the cover on the tunnel with the help of Ted and Linda, it was quite windy but it went well without any major problems. This will enable me to grow much more under cover next year. I am now going to make all the beds another plank deeper to give the roots of the crops more to go at. I also intend to start my bags of spuds off under cover i have been reliably informed that this is what some of the top growers do so i will give it a try.

I managed to swap a large bag of Onions for 12 Blue plastic drums a couple of weeks ago, some of these will be placed in the large tunnel for Parsnips and long Carrots. I will be taking delivery of my Pendle Improved Leeks from Dave Metclfe at the beginning of December. I have the grow lights rigged up already and this week purchased a soil warming cable to give bottom heat to them and my Onions. I will be sowing some Onions mid November and have some plants ordered from Vin Throup for collection early January
I have also received some seeds from a grower of giant veg in Cornwall they are giant Cabbage which can grow in excess of 70 lb some Marrow seeds from a 111 pound er and some from a 707 pound Squash which should be interesting. thanks again David


  1. Looking good......I shall have to pay a visit sometime!

  2. I think Smithy is getting worried now at the site of your expanding polytunnel empire.

    If you fancy building me couple of tunnels Paul I would be very happy for you to do so. :)

  3. tunnel looks nice where did you get frame from must make one myself thanks

  4. Iain if you get the stuff together I woulod be happy to give you a hand building a couple
    Chris the hoops are made from plastic gas or water pipe slotted over scaffold tube concreeted in to the ground call and have a look if you want and ill talk you through it