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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Poppy the Pumpkin and Blackpool

Took the head Gardener to see the Blackpool illuminations last night the highlight of his visit was going to the pub just like his Grandad.He then spent most of the time looking out of the wrong window at the hotels instead of the lights.

Today me and Linda have been digging out a path in to the plot where there is a hill I just wanted to level it out and get some more soil for the Onion bed
I have also carved Poppy the pumpkin ready for all the trick or treaters photo below


  1. Scarey pumpkin! hope you had a great time at Blackpool.

  2. Thank's for that Matron we had a great time in Blacpool and the Kids loved the Pumpkin I am going to try and grow a big one next year

  3. Hi Paul, Nice carving! I'm doing a public carving on my 763 next saturday so will be able to start drying the seeds out for you. Simon (SMT)

  4. Thanks for that Simon I will look forward to the seeds and growing a bigger Pumpkin next year
    Where is the carving taking place?

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