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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Heavy Onions

My first sowing of Heavy Onions  is now under the Grow light there are 12 plants growing well, I have set the temperature to 50 deg and the growlight at a height to give 17000 lux at plant level. The Onions are receiving 24 hours of daylight at the moment. I have also inserted a soil warming cable to give bottom heat this should hopefully produce a big one.

I also sowed another 40 Vin throup heavy strain Onions a week ago, these are in the propagator and should be through soon all being well. . I will be sowing my Quality Onions also from Vin in the next few days. I have ordered some plants from Vin also to collect in January, this will enable me to pick the best 50 to grow on for a set of  5 for Harrogate.

My Over Winter Onion Sets which are now covered by the new Tunnel are also doing nicely, I need as set of 3 for my local show.The plan is to lift them earlier than the Spring sown setts giving them more time to ripen.


  1. I was planning to sow my heavy onions (Ailsae) mid-December. You've now got me thinking! Have you sown this early before, or is this an experiment?

  2. Richard I have sown the heavy Onions following reading the posts on Big Pumpkins . com in perticular ianp and Peter Glazebrook the latter being (current holder of the heaviest Onion at Harrogate) also Vin Throup from whom the seeds originated, who sows his around this time
    to do this you need artificial light and heat
    hope this helps. links to blogs below

  3. they look nice healthy plants not even thought of sowing mine yet.

  4. Its really fantastic.With improved technology, LED grow light are being used by commercial and residential gardeners to grow Hydroponics plants through their entire growth and bloom cycle.