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Friday, 26 November 2010

Onion Progress and other veg

Still plenty of veg for the table Sprouts Broccoli Sweedes and Parsnips to name a few are all doing well

Not a lot needs doing at this time of year but the Onions are still progressing.The Large ones sowed about a month ago are growing well they will soon be ready to pot into bigger pots.

Not as good results on the Quality Onions I only managed 20 out of the 80 sown (my fault I let them dry out ) the 20 I did manage to germinate are good specimens with at least 4 roots these have now been potted on and are under the grow lights.I have sown another 40 just to be on the safe side

The first sowing of Giants are now in the tunnel and apart from some heat they are fending for themselves the 12 of them are all a good size. 


  1. your big onions are looking well that purple sprouting is very early i have not seen any this year yet

  2. hi paul just getting hold of more materialsplanks etc but bad weather and funds make it slow have looked at cover prices i think i need 15mx7.3m seen it on ebay and polythene one .com looks like £115ish and need tape but ill yet your advice when nearer time thanks for asking see you later

  3. Hort the Purple sprouting is the only plant out of a dozen that has flowered Onions are a nightmare at the moment heaters keep packing up
    Chris You do not need hot spot tape if you have plastic hoops it is mainly for metal hoops which get very hot