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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Belated update

Apologies yet again for not posting but it is all I can do at the moment to keep things ticking over on the plot.I will only be showing in a couple of shows this year due to other commitments,mainly the restaurant.
As some southerners still keep winging on about the rain, we in Yorkshire have just been getting on with things.
On the veg front things are ticking away nicely
Onions are now 15" circumference and a nice shape I've not even had to bring them in to my consevatory

Leeks are also looking good I am pleased because they are mostly from my own grass the collars have an internal diameter of 42 mm and most of them have filled this and are pushing it apart the length of the pipe lagging is 18" I have started using Predators as they were starting to get thrip damage. Just hope they dont go to seed like last year.

On the Celery front I have plants at 3 different stages of growth,the biggest being the ones in the photo below .I am growing these inside as an experiment and all seems to be ok I am flooding the bed every day and it seems to be working

peas are now in final positions I am following in some of the other bloggers footsteps and growing Dorian as it is more resistant to mildew 

Parsnips are doing ok i have one bed with 50 plants and only need a pair for Harrogate 

Stump carrots are doing ok in both beds 100 plants in total sown in 2 stages a fortnight apart

Broccoli coming along nicely 

I also had some help with the watering 
Potatoes are now earthed up bags are full to the top I need to spray them against Blight as I keep getting warnings from Blightwatch about Smith periods high risk periods 

Garlic has now been lifted and it is the best I have ever grown 
Brassicas also doing ok 
The Giant sweede seeds that came from Dan have started to produce some reasonable sized ones
I have lost a couple of onions one to rot and another grew 2 necks also some of my shallots have gone double but apart from that no major disasters at this stage.

and finally we had the first proper picking of Strawberries and very nice they were