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Friday, 26 November 2010

Onion Progress and other veg

Still plenty of veg for the table Sprouts Broccoli Sweedes and Parsnips to name a few are all doing well

Not a lot needs doing at this time of year but the Onions are still progressing.The Large ones sowed about a month ago are growing well they will soon be ready to pot into bigger pots.

Not as good results on the Quality Onions I only managed 20 out of the 80 sown (my fault I let them dry out ) the 20 I did manage to germinate are good specimens with at least 4 roots these have now been potted on and are under the grow lights.I have sown another 40 just to be on the safe side

The first sowing of Giants are now in the tunnel and apart from some heat they are fending for themselves the 12 of them are all a good size. 

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Progress Report

The last sowing of Heavy onions have now come through and today I transplanted the strongest 20 in to John Inness no 2 compost most of them had the second root starting to form.They are now under the grow lights receiving 24 hours of daylight.

I also sowed my quality Onions today 84 in total,they are now in the propagator I am aiming for 50 to pot on fingers crossed.I also continued with deepening the Onion bed in the Polly tunnel once this is done and filled I will be having the soil analysed to correct the pH and find out what nutrients are required.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Heavy Onions

My first sowing of Heavy Onions  is now under the Grow light there are 12 plants growing well, I have set the temperature to 50 deg and the growlight at a height to give 17000 lux at plant level. The Onions are receiving 24 hours of daylight at the moment. I have also inserted a soil warming cable to give bottom heat this should hopefully produce a big one.

I also sowed another 40 Vin throup heavy strain Onions a week ago, these are in the propagator and should be through soon all being well. . I will be sowing my Quality Onions also from Vin in the next few days. I have ordered some plants from Vin also to collect in January, this will enable me to pick the best 50 to grow on for a set of  5 for Harrogate.

My Over Winter Onion Sets which are now covered by the new Tunnel are also doing nicely, I need as set of 3 for my local show.The plan is to lift them earlier than the Spring sown setts giving them more time to ripen.