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Sunday, 25 April 2010


I planted some of my potatoes yesterday these were Winston and Kestrel they were panted in 35 litre polly pots with 3 Potatoes to each pot, the mix is 1 bag of Westland farmyard Manure and one bag of Compost mixed up in my mixer with 200 grammes of Calcified Seaweed and 200Grammes of Vitax Q4, they will not be placed on the ground but on a raised deck area to save space. I have half filled the bags and will top them up as they grow they will need watering regularly as they are not on the ground I will see what happens it worked last year I used tyres with carpet underneath and I got a second for my White Potatoes.

Friday, 23 April 2010

First Carrots Through

The first long Carrots are through these are St Valery From Robbinsons of Forton I have constructed some hoops over the bed which I intend to cover with Enviromesh to hopefully keep out the Carrot Fly

Thursday, 22 April 2010


The onions that were planted in the tunnel seem to have settled in and are growing well. Fingers crossed they keep going, the Photo is of a Robinsons Mammouth Onion.


Chitted seeds were planted in the bed on 26th March they are Pinnacle from Medwyns and were sown 2 to a station all have emerged 12 stations in total.

Carrots Parsnips

I have built a 5ft by 3ft box to grow long carrots Parsnips and stump rooted carrots. I chose not to go down the sand route boring holes and filling them with the magic mix. Instead i filled the whole box with old compost from the tunnel mixed in my mixer with sand and sieved topsoil I then made holes at 1foot spacings with a long bar deep in to the subsoil underneath, these holes were filled with a mix of,
Compost 5 Litres
Vermiculite 1 Litre
sieved Bagged Topsoil 1 Litre
Vitax Q4 2oz
Calcified Seaweed 20z
Superphosphate 20z
Lime 2 oz
so we will see what the results are. I intend to cover the bed with Enviromesh to keep the Carrot Flies out hopefully.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Onions and Smithyveg

I have now arrived My first follower Is the Legendary Simon Smithy veg. Thank's for your Support Simon. Now to the onions I've researched extensively on what to grow and how several books and several peoples blogs. I have chosen to grow several varieties to experiment and see what suits me best the seeds were sown on the 1st Jan and have just gone in to their final positions in the large tunnel I have Robinson's Giant Red Robinson's Mammoth Vento for the small class (this is the one recommended By Smithy veg) I have also got Kesae Alisa Craig and Unwins exhibition this may seem like a lot but this is my first attempt so i need to experiment and as My friend says you can never have enough Onions you can eat them they are not just for showing.

where I am now 12 Months on

12 Months on I have Made great progress with the help of Mum and Dad there are now 18 Raised beds 2 Tunnels, and a Large chicken run

Second polytunnel

With the leftover pipe and scaffold tube from the First tunnel I was able to build another one 12feet by 8 feet this will b e used for sowing and growing on as I now want the large tunnel for show onions leeks and cucumbers this tunnel was finished in Feb of this year.

Show time 2009

I had quite a successful growing season but never intended to show any veg. The day of our village show one of my neighbours on the plot paid me a visit and talked me in to entering some of my produce, so armed with a Schedule I gathered some veg and took it up to the band room where the show is held. I was welcomed with open arms they are always looking for new exhibitor's that's what keeps the shows going. upon my return after judging I was surprised by my success 4 firsts 3 seconds and 2 thirds I am now hooked.


The next thing was to build a chicken run. Ibought a house again from E Bay, the chickens are ex battery hens great caracters if you are interested in rehoming some go to the
Battery hen welfare trust website for details

Sunday, 18 April 2010

More to follow soon