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Sunday, 25 April 2010


I planted some of my potatoes yesterday these were Winston and Kestrel they were panted in 35 litre polly pots with 3 Potatoes to each pot, the mix is 1 bag of Westland farmyard Manure and one bag of Compost mixed up in my mixer with 200 grammes of Calcified Seaweed and 200Grammes of Vitax Q4, they will not be placed on the ground but on a raised deck area to save space. I have half filled the bags and will top them up as they grow they will need watering regularly as they are not on the ground I will see what happens it worked last year I used tyres with carpet underneath and I got a second for my White Potatoes.


  1. Thanks for pointing me here on Simon's blog Paul. This is great info and is suitably bookmarked for my near future use. :)

  2. Thank's Misty I have also just ordered 100x17 litre bags to grow 1 Potato in each this is what the experts reccomend I will also be able to compare the results between the 2 sizes.