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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Onions and Smithyveg

I have now arrived My first follower Is the Legendary Simon Smithy veg. Thank's for your Support Simon. Now to the onions I've researched extensively on what to grow and how several books and several peoples blogs. I have chosen to grow several varieties to experiment and see what suits me best the seeds were sown on the 1st Jan and have just gone in to their final positions in the large tunnel I have Robinson's Giant Red Robinson's Mammoth Vento for the small class (this is the one recommended By Smithy veg) I have also got Kesae Alisa Craig and Unwins exhibition this may seem like a lot but this is my first attempt so i need to experiment and as My friend says you can never have enough Onions you can eat them they are not just for showing.

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  1. Not sure about legend missus thinks that should read 'leg end'! LOL