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Friday, 23 July 2010

Elephant Garlic onions More Potatoes

I opened another bag of Potatoes today there were a few good ones but these need more time so i will leave the rest for another few weeks. I lifted my Elephant garlic and it looks good I intend keeping the best to replant for next year. I also lifted the first Kelsae Onion to dress, this one was the largest at 2.5 lbs so I decided to lift it to let the rest catch up then I should have a good set come show time.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Carrots Spuds & muck

Had a look at the Sweet candle Carrots Today between the Rain,one of them was showing above the compost so I took the Enviromesh off to earth it up to stop the top going green from the Sun, although there is not much chance of that happening at the moment. I had a root around and all looks good they are a good size already I hope they are straight and then we should have some winners. I also emptied a bag of Winston to see what the results are like from just using Westland Manure mixed with Compost these were grown in 35 litre pots with 3 Potatoes to each bag the bags had no contact with the ground and the results are very pleasing, all the tubers are virtually blemish free and taste amazing I will look at some of the others later this week weather permitting. I also had my third load of muck delivered today it is so well rotted it looks like soil just have to move it now and then I will be well stocked for next year.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Giant Red onions

The Giant Red Onions are fairing better than the Whites with no double necks also a new head Gardner has been appointed in the words of Smithy Veg I may live to regret this especially next year when he will be wandering round with a Giant onion in his mitt saying look at what i have found Grandad. He can be seen in the photo checking the condition of the Tomatoes.

Life goes on

As one chapter closes another one opens, yesterday I also managed to Pollinate my first Giant pumpkin so hopefully I was successful fingers crossed. If it works i will name it poppy for obvious reasons. I have given up on the shallots that started secondary growth about a month ago they have been harvested for the kitchen. My Jack of all trades Pumpkin is now the size of a football, the mammoth onions that have not grown double necks are now in a minority but are still growing well measuring 17 & 1/2" in circumference Celery in the bed has been unwrapped for inspection and seems to be doing fine except for the Two I planted in tubs which have both got heart rot for some reason. They have all been treated the same. My Carmen Cucumbers are starting to fruit i am trying to get them to grow round the hoops of the Tunnel to get them as long and straight as possible. I also harvested a nice selection of goodies for the Kitchen and staked any storm damaged plants.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A sad day on the Allotment

I have been away all week working, and during this time the head Gardener Poppy became very ill with diabetes related complaints. Upon my return it became apparent that there was no way back this time from the condition so with great sadness we arranged for her to go to sleep for good this afternoon. she will be greatly missed but with fond memories. I will be raising a glass or two in her memory tonight. She was always first to the door when the word Allotment was mentioned.

Friday, 9 July 2010

gone to seed

Noticed Yesterday that a couple of my long Carrots were going to seed. I am not sure why, they were an experiment variety called Purple Haze I can only think that the bed is overcrowded even though the spacings are 6" apart the rest seem OK. I had a furtle around the stumps while the Enviromesh was off and they seem to be around 1 1/2 " across already so I should get a good set of them anyway.The rest of my 80z onions have now been harvested and are drying on the lounge windowsill they all weigh slightly over 8oz but smithy reckons that they will loose weight as they ripen so we will see what happens the one in the middle is a vase not an onion I will be moving this in due course to make room for more Onions

Friday, 2 July 2010


I have harvested most of my Garlic today as it was dying back and showing signs of rust it was next to some Onions and I didn't want the rust to spread to them. the Pumpkin bed is erupting with growth biggest fruit around Tennis ball size. Tumbling Tom Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets are starting to ripen, I have planted another 20 Dwarf Beans outside variety Safari I have also sown some more Swedes for Winter as the ones sown earlier are growing well.

Double Necks

what a b*****D some of my large Onions are growing double necks and one has spilt don't know why hope they don't all do this they were over 2 lb in weight and growing well this maybe down to inexperience or just bad luck still taste OK though.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Celery Onions

Been sorting out the Celery this afternoon I can only go on what I have read. In the main they are all around 2foot - 2foot 6" tall and look healthy, I have had brown paper round them for the last 2 weeks and they seem to be ok but still need to be blanched some more I hope i am going about this in the correct way. I also watered them with Calcium as this is supposed to help heart rot. Also my largest Onion is now 14" round hope they all keep this up and I may have a decent sized one for the largest Onion Class. Also thanks for the invite Smithy.