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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Celery Onions

Been sorting out the Celery this afternoon I can only go on what I have read. In the main they are all around 2foot - 2foot 6" tall and look healthy, I have had brown paper round them for the last 2 weeks and they seem to be ok but still need to be blanched some more I hope i am going about this in the correct way. I also watered them with Calcium as this is supposed to help heart rot. Also my largest Onion is now 14" round hope they all keep this up and I may have a decent sized one for the largest Onion Class. Also thanks for the invite Smithy.

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  1. You seem to be doing all the right things Paul....plenty of moisture is the key with some high nitrogen feed. But it can be a balancing act as too much nitrogen can make the plants soft and I think this may contribute to the heart rot problem. As you say you need to apply the calcium to counteract this. Don't forget the slug pellets too! Some say slug damage is to blame for this also.

    I think corrugated cardboard or the silver backed building material is the favoured choice of a lot of exhibitors. With the silver side out it reflects the sun away and prevents overheating.