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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Life goes on

As one chapter closes another one opens, yesterday I also managed to Pollinate my first Giant pumpkin so hopefully I was successful fingers crossed. If it works i will name it poppy for obvious reasons. I have given up on the shallots that started secondary growth about a month ago they have been harvested for the kitchen. My Jack of all trades Pumpkin is now the size of a football, the mammoth onions that have not grown double necks are now in a minority but are still growing well measuring 17 & 1/2" in circumference Celery in the bed has been unwrapped for inspection and seems to be doing fine except for the Two I planted in tubs which have both got heart rot for some reason. They have all been treated the same. My Carmen Cucumbers are starting to fruit i am trying to get them to grow round the hoops of the Tunnel to get them as long and straight as possible. I also harvested a nice selection of goodies for the Kitchen and staked any storm damaged plants.

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