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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Carrots Spuds & muck

Had a look at the Sweet candle Carrots Today between the Rain,one of them was showing above the compost so I took the Enviromesh off to earth it up to stop the top going green from the Sun, although there is not much chance of that happening at the moment. I had a root around and all looks good they are a good size already I hope they are straight and then we should have some winners. I also emptied a bag of Winston to see what the results are like from just using Westland Manure mixed with Compost these were grown in 35 litre pots with 3 Potatoes to each bag the bags had no contact with the ground and the results are very pleasing, all the tubers are virtually blemish free and taste amazing I will look at some of the others later this week weather permitting. I also had my third load of muck delivered today it is so well rotted it looks like soil just have to move it now and then I will be well stocked for next year.

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