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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Progress Report

The last sowing of Heavy onions have now come through and today I transplanted the strongest 20 in to John Inness no 2 compost most of them had the second root starting to form.They are now under the grow lights receiving 24 hours of daylight.

I also sowed my quality Onions today 84 in total,they are now in the propagator I am aiming for 50 to pot on fingers crossed.I also continued with deepening the Onion bed in the Polly tunnel once this is done and filled I will be having the soil analysed to correct the pH and find out what nutrients are required.


  1. hi paul,you certainly seem to want to get into showing in a big way and i wish you all the best. The one thing that i my self cannot do and that is to purchase such a lot of seeds and plants. I do undersand that it is nice to get a product that has the potential of getting a world beater but why do you need to grow 50 onion plants just to get a set of 5 is it because you wiil be entering more shows next year or that you were not satisfied with your results this year (2010) I think you done ok if this was your first year of showing.I will be keeping my beedy eye on you ha ha.

  2. Geffo thanks for your comments, I am spending time and money on next year in the hope of growing some good specimens that i can use for seed in the future.As for the 50 onions that is what is required if you want to compete at a higher level, which is what I intend to do next year

  3. Thanks for your reply paul, it will be very interesting to see how you get on in 2011 and i will continue to follow as i do other garden bloggs. just to let you know i have done my best to set up a blogg and already put 3 comments on it. I will be giving my experience,s on gardenig.They will include good and bad and also how i will be doing in 2011 season. I said to you once befor that i do grow quite few veg in pop bottles and i have not had any problems and will continue to carry on that way. The one thing i have taken into account is the fact that you do need good seed and various bloggers have confirmed that to me.I have now got all the seed that i need and the 2011 preperation is now under way. I will say that i have now got my own onion seed which i grew from a very well known brand and they will be sown on the last day of this month. will show results and photos in the near future.

  4. paul, have not got the hang of working the computor yet but i will get there, thanks for the info. (trying my best)