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Thursday, 7 October 2010

A Grand Day Out

Had a day out in the Yorkshire Dales visiting a good Friend of mine here is a link to his site not veg related.  he lives in a marvelous location with magnificent views I have put a photo of the view from his decking on this post.

Now for the best bit, on my way I called to see Vin Throup Legendary Yorkshire Onion Grower, to buy some seeds for his magnificent Onions. I also ordered some plants for January collection. What a lovely informative Bloke I picked up loads of tips and had a good look round his set up I could have stayed all day. He showed me his Onion store brilliant the largest ones weighed 14+ pounds and the Quality onions around 6 pounds each can't wait to start growing them next year. 


  1. Looks like he has a lot of onions to put back to seed. You don't get much better than Vin, so you should get some decents bulbs if looked after.

  2. I fancy growing some of them next year if he's hot any more to sell.
    Can you Email me 'cos my emails gone tit's up and I've lost your address......