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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


As previously mentioned I called in to see Iain at JBA on Monday what a top bloke, he Gave myself and Linda a full guided tour of the Farm I have never seen so many Spuds in one place. it was not possible to take any photos due to all the Spuds being stored in the dark to preserve them. I also got loads of advice on growing techniques plus dare i say it some free samples of Potatoes who said Scotsmen were tight.I also bought some Fertilizer and some Nutrimate to help with the growing of my crops next year. All in all a very worthwhile visit thanks again Iain.
I shall be attempting to cover the polytunnel this weekend weather permitting it was a bit too windy in the Pennines last weekend.


  1. It was nice to meet you Paul and I am glad you enjoyed the tour. Don't tell Smithy about the super dooper potatoes that I gave you so that you can give him a whooping.

  2. No chance!

    Smithyveg - Midland (and Anglesey) Tomato King

  3. 'Space'....that'll be your trophy cabinet then?

  4. No actually it is the big space I have put aside to grow 200 bags of spuds how many will you be growing??