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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Guess who

Dan sent me this the things you see when you have left your gun at home lol.


  1. Is it the man who said... "I've got more chance of my head turning into a penis than I have winning a prize card at Harrogate this year" ?

  2. Richard ypu are on the right track this person is a penis as well

  3. Brilliant. The original photo disappeared from Mr Smith's blog. He can run but he can't hide

    1. Yeah hilarious!

      When you getting back to blogging about some veg?

      Northern knob nibbler!

  4. What sort of feed should i be giving my leeks, they are about a foot tall and in flower buckets

  5. Simon I am keeping you guessing you will find out how I have een getting on come Harrogate
    Seriously I have been too buisy to give much time to the garden but I promise ther will be a progress report this week
    Roger it depends on what fertilizer you put in to the original mix I do not feed leeks or onions after planting in to their final positions as the required nutrients are added to the bed before planting
    thanks paul

  6. ok Paul, at the moment they are in ordinary compost, so what do they need for feed if any