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Saturday, 2 June 2012

its been a long time been a long time a long long time

Sorry for not reporting sooner but I have been away working plus running the restaurant this post is for Smithy to find out how I am doing so here goes
large Onions are doing better than ever hope they keep going I intend to show the best 2 on my collection at Harrogate
I managed to get a free afternoon 3 weeks ago and planted up 70 bags of spuds in peat with some powdered Vitax q4 and some seaweed meal I planted 6 variety's and they are now showing through the peat I will be topping up the bags early next week
I also tidied up my Vento which were suffering from neglect I managed a card at Harrogate last year with this variety they had been left to their own devices till last week when I managed to support them 

Leeks are now in 32mm diameter collars which are 18" high  they  are  looking good  but did get a check  earlier in the year so I am still thinking they may go to seed but time will tell

Celery is now in its final position and also doing well

I have also being trying to perfect growing a giant potato using condor seed potatoes and Peter Glazebrooks method I first planted the seed potatoes in to compost then removed the shoots and planted them in pots.Today I removed the plants from the pots and removed all but one of the developing tubers.The plants were then planted in to a raised bed. Time will tell if it works

photos to follow

Giant onions are now starting to move they are about 4 weeks behind last year but considering they  finished growing a month before Harrogate I may still be on target for a big one 
Parsnips are also doing nicely 50 plants in total all to pick from come Harrogate so should get a nice pair


  1. Onions look good. Almost as big as mine.......were about 4 weeks ago!

    1. Was that before or after you picked them up from Helen ?......

  2. Simon slowly slowly catchy monkey mine will be big enough come Harrogate has Helen still got yours ?

  3. You pair are so predictable. I knew you'd say something like that!