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Friday, 22 April 2011

Onion setts

The over winter onion Setts that went in last November are really starting to fill out which proves there is a benefit to growing them for the Onions from setts classes.I should be able to lift them a month earlier which will mean an extra month to ripen hopefully giving them more colour.


  1. I also like to use overwintering onions and mine also are looking better this year than ever before
    Maybe they like the snow? lol
    Never thought of entering them in a show though, thought they wouldn't stand a chance against seed produced onions

  2. Darren there are specific classes for Onions grown from setts in some shows that i enter.I had quite a lot of success in these classes last year.The Onions in Question are in a tunnel so have never had snow on them just been frozen half to death as it is unheated.
    cheers for your comments Paul

  3. Your onions look wonderful. The top green leaves grow up till the longest day in June, then the base starts to swell.

  4. Paul, what variety are they? I think I may give them a try for a 2012 harvest.

  5. Richard 3 varieties Radar, Autumn Champion & Senshyu Yellow. all seem yo be performing equally well planted on 1st October

    Matron thanks for the comments They should make lovely specimens. Nature is a funny thing how do Onions Know when it is the longest day.
    I have had to play about with the artificial light with this in mind so as not to have the large Onions going to seed very technical.

  6. 'Nature is a funny thing how do Onions Know when it is the longest day.'

    Mine use the 'Alarm' function in Google Calendar to remind them.

  7. Your onions are looking well, I'm growing Radar and they're better than ever so far this year. Unfortunately the girls have been picking one or two of the leaves off them so they might not get as big as I'd have hoped!