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Monday, 25 April 2011

Cedrico Leeks and update

My first sowing of Cedrico are now ready for planting in to their final positions I will be planting them in 30 litre pots. I  don't like grow bags, and have mixed my own growing medium with peat tev 4 and Nutrimate.I will start feeding when the first truss has set,  
The First sowing of Parsnips are doing well these will be for the early shows.
The Harrogate Smithy beater Parsnips are now all through and will be ready for thinning  next week

The Slawit royals are doing brilliant soon have some Slawit royal new potatoes
I have built a contraption today to support the leek flags this will hopefully work a treat and keep the Them  in good condition. 


  1. Look forward to reading about your leek progress as it's a mystery to me. Good luck with the new contraption!

  2. Damo it is my first serious go at Leeks so I an learning as I go along.If I get really stuck I ring Dave Metcalf for advice