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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Death By Drowning a cautionary tale

I opened the door of my Shed this morning to see my Cuchino cucumber plants on their last legs,they were fine when I left them on Monday night, after doing some research it would appear that they were suffering from Oxygen starvation at the roots due to over watering.I quickly re potted them in to large pots of dry compost to try to save them.Upon my return this evening they had perked up so I hope I got away with that only time will tell as they are still in intensive care. I sowed some more just in case, apparently all vine type veg can suffer the same intolerance so be careful.Photo is of the plants semi recovered this evening.
I also visited LBS in Colne today (another benefit to living up North as it is only 20 miles away) I intend to grow all my Tomatoes in 30 litre pots this year as I am not keen on using grow bags, and think that the extra depth will give the roots more space to get established.I could have spent a fortune but remembered that I am from Yorkshire and fully practicing in the art of not spending money.I did buy some 30L tubs  some wire for supporting the Onions and some canes in readiness for the arrival of 20 build a ball connectors which i intend to use to build a cage to plant my Brassicas .They also had a wheelbarrow for the head Gardner but the price was over budget so I will look elsewhere. 

This Morning before I left I thinned out my first sowing of stump rooted Carrots, the second sowing have yet to show themselves they were sown nearly 3 weeks ago so should show soon.

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  1. Thanks for the advice I'll look out for that. I lost mine last year, I think I moved them into the cold greenhouse a bit too early. They need a bit of pampering.