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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Adequate Protection

With all the first sowings of Carrots and Parsnips now through my thoughts are turning to protecting them from the dreaded Carrot fly.The risk will be greater when I thin them out in about a week, as you pull the unwanted seedlings to leave one per station you disturb the bed and create a Carrot smell which attracts the dreaded pest.Ian Simpson mentioned at Kendall that he uses Garlic barrier and sprays the foliage to deter them I have already given mine a spray as an interim measure but I am not prepared to take the risk that this will be sufficient so I have started to construct frameworks around my beds and covering them with enviromesh hopefully the combination of the 2 will keep everything safe.
The Celery that I had problems with is now doing well I put half a dozen under the lights to bring them on for my early shows these have really moved on


  1. Well, that's kicked me into action! I'd almost forgot about the bl**dy carrot fly. I've got plenty of enviromesh, so have added it to the 'to do' list. Somehow don't think my efforts will match yours. More like the slum beneath the skyscraper!

  2. Richard i am sure you will manage to buid something adequate to protect them the Carrot fly dont know how you built it just as long as you keep them out!!!!!