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Sunday, 17 April 2011

This Weeks Progress

As the Northern weather continues to be hot, things seem to be moving on at a pace. I managed to get the Carrot beds protected and started thinning my first sowings of Long Carrots and Parsnips, I use the pulling method Rather than just cutting off the unwanted seedlings that way you do not leave dead roots in the bed.
To thin them out all you have to do is gently pull the unwanted seedlings out with a sideways motion. I decided to try and leave the most Central seedling unless it is weak then I leave the strongest one instead.

My large Onions are putting on weight nicely the largest one is now a touch over 9" with the others not far behind I had to rig up a fan today to keep them cool.
I sowed 2 giant pumpkin seeds which I got from a grower in America I only intend to grow one due to space that is if I manage to germinate one.
I also sowed some Long Beetroot today 7 in one barell I only need one as a backup for Harrogate I may also enter the taproot Collection if i manage some half decent ones

I also planted my Vento Onions in to the Tunnel at 12" spacings which is the same as last year I put some of the spares in to the middle of the blocks again the same as last year, when It worked fine for me and i had some lovely specimens. I have managed 30 plants in total after the problems we all experienced germinating.
The Slawit Royals are doing well as are the Onions for Quality from the Vin Throup strain both seem to have really settled down and are growing well it is now just a case of getting the watering right.


  1. That's all looking good, like your stump set up, I need a polytunnel!

  2. Damo the stump setup is the product of my visit to Kendal for the stump root talk by Ian Simpson
    The bed is an exact copy of his bed and it was good enough for him to win at the nationals so if its good enough for him it will do for me.
    re the tunnel I have built 3 now from water pipe if you can get hold of some I can send you some step by step instructions with photos if you were nearer i would come and help you
    if you need the photos email me and i will send them
    cheers Paul