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Friday, 3 September 2010

Work in Progress and Another Show Tomorrow

Work is well underway with the construction of the new 30ft x15ft Polly tunnel I have managed to sink all the 14 scaffold poles and fit all the gas pipe hoops. I have also constructed one end of the framework that will have an opening window for ventilation I have not decided weather to cover the structure with mesh or polythene but there is no rush to make the decision at the moment.

I have another show this weekend in the next village to us which is
Meltham I have never been before so I do not know what to expect. I intend to Table around 40 exhibits, some will be recycled from last week so we will see what happens. I have harvested my pot leeks (grown for fun ) and will be exhibiting the largest one in the any other veg class I have also managed to recycle my Blanch Leeks (just) they still look OK for local level and may get a card. I now know that I can do much better next year and am aiming for a card at Harrogate just to p**s of Ed Miliband (if you look on Smithy veg at the comments on the post Leicester 2010you will see what I mean) lol.

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