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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Celery and Show

Well thats the show staged will return at 4 to see the results.
On the Celery front the red Star has done really well with little care apart from loads of water and a weekly dose of Calcium to keep the heart rot at bay, the one in the photo should hopefully give me a red card, but there were some good contenders in the class when I staged mine


  1. Thanks JBA I did ok got 2 seconds with your excellent spuds Winston and Bonnie
    total tally 6 first 10 second 5 third more to follow on the blog

  2. Nice job.
    It has been a great weekend for JBA seed spuds as they won all the NVS classes and world championship.

  3. I have already pre ordered for next year and will be adding to the order on Monday I will be trying Nadine as they beat me in the White class
    (deservedley)well done at the nationals.