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Saturday, 18 September 2010


Visited the Harrogate Autumn show today what an experience, there was one thing that really caught  my eye in particular it was a stump root Carrot called Abaco. The photo is from the 3 stump and 3 long Carrots class there were around a dozen exhibits on the table all the stumps were Sweet Candle except for these which scored the highest points (17) I duly went across to Exhibition Seeds Stand and bought some seeds.
I will still grow Sweet Candle to see which I prefer they are not as long but are a really nice shape with a smoother  finish. there were some cracking leeks and Onions I now need to get some Pendle Improved from somewhere and some decent Onion seed.
I did gain some confidence in the fact that had I exhibited my Vento Onions they would have almost certainly got a card there were in my opinion none to touch them so I will be entering them next week at the NVS West Yorkshire da. show next week and will se what happens.
there were other areas where I may have picked up cards and I will be concentrating on these next year all in all a cracking day out some snapshots of the day can be seen below.

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