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Saturday, 4 September 2010


I came across a different side to showing today. I tabled 40+ exhibits and got 6 first 10 second 5 third which was enough to win most points in veg section, we checked the cards 4 times to confirm this. When I mentioned this to another exhibitor they said that they would not be happy if a local did not win, several of our society turned up to help a struggling show. I will not be attending next year enough said on that
the judging was fair and correct apart from the marrow class where a large Courgette won 3rd over a Blyton Belle of good shape and size with flower still attached more than enough said I will post photos of my entry's as soon as possible


  1. For christ sake don't get bitter about judges or committees decisions or you'll drive yourself mad.
    I've been beaten to best in show for the last 2 years by 2 giant yet absolutely thrip ridden scabby leaved leeks where everybody except the judge thought I should have won,and It'll no doubt happen tomorrow too.
    As far as I'm concerned MY opinion is final and If I think mine was the best then that'll do for me.
    Having said that I have won classes in the past that in my opinion I shouldn't have won and have also showed my dismay when this happened as I felt guilty for winning.
    Judging seems to be totally subjective and if you have a judge who can't grow shallots for a toffee and he sees some half decent ones he'll give the prize to them.
    I'm hoping tomorrows judge can't grow carrots !!.

  2. I am afraid this happens at all shows nationwide and it is not just veg shows that I am talking about.
    I once had people spary paint some of my show sheep red and then let them out on the main road just to stop me going to a show. We gathered the sheep up cleaned them up the best we could although they were a shade of pink and we still won.
    I would not give in to them and neither should you.

  3. I hope to find out about your carrots this afternoon when I come for a nosey good luck.