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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Dan Cleans up at Ingleton

Had a day out today in to the Yorkshire Dales, to Dans of local show. It was great to meet him and see his exhibits. We arrived just as the Show opened to the public and Dan was surveying the tables as we entered ,his exhibits were excellent and he had scooped most of the main prizes (well deserved) good job he has a van as he would need it to transport all the trophies. Carrots were amaizing in my opinion slightly better than the ones Smithy won with last week at Leicester must be the Northern air. My wife Linda took a photo of the 2 of us for my blog I will name it Team Yorkshire. what a handsome pair we are. Dan does not look that happy to say he has just cleaned up, he never offered to get the drinks in either true Yorkshireman.


  1. I was in a bit of a state of shock to be honest,I've cheered up a bit since having a crate of Stella to celebrate.
    I think you should keep this photo on your mantlepiece....It'll keep the grandchildren away from the fire if nowt else.

  2. If you look on Dan's blog he does appear to be smiling. Although it's probably just wind.

  3. Jba sorry I missed you would have liked to get the info on how to grow cleaner spuds hopefully will meet sometime are you going to Harrogate?

  4. I hope to be at Harrogate on the Sunday.
    Going to the Scottish branch show on the Saturday.

  5. Did Simon enter his long carrots from Leicester in the photo at the bottom left hand side ?
    They look pretty similar if a little bit bigger ?