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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Last weeks Show Photos

Back from Ireland I have been on to the Garden briefly today between the rain I was hoping to carry on with the new tunnel but the weather stopped that happening I hope it is better tomorrow. I have some good under 8oz Onions that I may enter in a couple more shows with anything else that looks good from the garden at the time.
below are some photos from last week as promised.


  1. Is that Winston and Bonnie you were showing?

  2. Yes Iain it is, and Maxine on the top tray
    all JBA. seed Potatoes of course. I grew some nice Kestrel as well but the Bonnie were slightly better

  3. I like the look of your Bonnie.
    There was a very good plate of them at Dundee that won.
    They can grow very big so you just have to watch them.
    I think Maxine is making a comeback.

  4. There aren't many sites where someone could say "I like the look of your Bonnie" and not arouse suspicion of the Homo Police! LOL

  5. Paul my new forum is up and running now if you and any of your followers wish to join in.