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Monday, 1 August 2011

Christmas spuds part 2 peas and rotten heart

The Christmas potatoes arrived the other day as promised 4 varieties in total 
Arran Pilot
Duke of York
Pentland Javelin
Again in true Yorkshire fashion I have been re using the compost from the bags I have been emptying this week as it is not as important to use fresh when I will only be using these for the table 
by the end of today they will all be planted and will grow away till the threat of frost when I intend to bring them in to the tunnel with some heat till they get used over the Christmas period I have used 35 litre bags with 3 seed potatoes to a bag and added some general fertilizer to each bag all in all there will be 24 bags more than enough to keep us going

Partial disaster today I have lost a celery plant to heart rot I expected that this may happen as I had the same problem last year fortunately it is the only one at the moment I will be keeping a watchful eye on the rest but there is no real cure once it starts

On a more positive note my first attempt at show perfection peas is going well I have had to remove the bottom ones on a few of the plants as they were ready which shows that I am a couple of weeks early but I should have plenty come my first couple of shows as you can see from the pictures they are a nice size and the contents range from 10 - 12 peas they also passed the taste test.

1 comment:

  1. There is a lot of heart coming in now due to the weather
    My mate has just lost a couple and he is a national champion with celery, so it happens to the best of us