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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


For the last few days I have been re building a dry stone wall and constructing a lean to shed, for a friend which will be used as a firewood store, this was completed this afternoon and now I will be turning my attention to Saturdays show I started by selecting the best ripened Vento I will need 2 sets of 3 for Saturday and have now tied the necks with raffia and trimmed the root plates they are now wrapped in paper and have been placed in a box for transportation.


  1. They're crackers, Paul.

    Should imagine that dry stone walling is a good skill to have around your neck of the woods.

  2. Thanks Rich bet you wish you could take decent photos you can come on the next course if you want to.

  3. Just the lens would suit me. 100-400 L-series, if I'm not mistaken.

  4. They are cracking onions
    I am getting mine ready for Saturday but they don't look a touch on them

  5. cheers blicky I think last years were better but we will see what the judges think

  6. Well stick them in the post to me when you have finished. I'll take them lol
    TBH it was only my long roots which I grew for show, everything else is normal in my allotment but then it does show
    I got my local this weekend but everything else, I suspect to get a hiding on