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Sunday, 7 August 2011

First show 1 week to go

With a week to go till my first show in Huddersfield all that can now be done is to harvest things as they reach size and generally prepare things my first task was to protect my table dainty marrows from damage this was done by removing all the foliage from round the fruit and using some pipe lagging to protect them from the cane and main stem.These will now be harvested at optimum size ready for Saturday I will keep them in the fridge wrapped in kitchen roll I will then cut the stem when staged this gives the appearance of being newly cut from the plant.

I also selected my best 2 sets of onions grown from setts these are now ripe and ready for tying with raffia

The remaining bags of blue belle spuds have now been emptied with some nice specimens which have now been stored in compost till required

My Pendle leeks that went to seed are now producing grass,I am hoping to get next years plants from these

Finally here is a picture of the kitchen veg selected for our Sunday tea .


  1. All looks fantastic especially the onions, are they Vento?

  2. Looking strong, Paul. Those onions look to have ripened beautifully.

  3. they are from Japanese over winter setts
    cheers dickie 6"

  4. Wish I had onions nicely ripe like that for my show!

  5. When you start turning the leek 'grass' into plants to pot up would you be able to photograph the stages. The descriptions I have read would have me shaving this that and the other so it would probably easier to follow in picture form.

  6. Paul

    I second Dave's request. If you have the time, photographically documenting the stages you go through would be immensly useful to most leek show wannabes. me included.

  7. Dave Rich I will post as I go along, but bear in mind I have never done this before. I will be asking Dave Metcalfe a few questions in the hope of getting it right watch this space

  8. i would not use the leek grass for next years leeks

  9. cheers Stig Is that because the leeks from the grass will do the same and go to seed ?
    damo thanks they have had 2 months to ripen

  10. Purely from an amateur's point of view, I think I would certainly see the test project through, but I wouldn't rely just on the resultant plants for 2012. Suggest you need a few bought in plants as well. 'Sod's Law' has a nasty habbit of kicking you in the nuts when you least expect it.