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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Progress and countdown to local show

With my local show this coming Saturday where I will be benching 40+ exhibits it will be quite hectic for the rest of the week I have been measuring and selecting leeks today making sure i leave the best for harrogate. also for the last few days I have been cutting runner and prince beans as they reach the required size these have then been sorted in to sets wrapped in damp kitchen roll and stored in the fridge ready for the show I have around 20 prince beans at 20cm and should be able to make 2 cracking sets of 6 plus 2 sets of 6 runners and hopefully a further set of runners for the top is also possible to straighten them as long as you do not use too much force.

The giant marrow that set about 2 weeks ago is growing so fast you can nearly see it growing in the space of the last 5 days it has gone from 12" long by 12" round at the thickest point to today's measurement of 24" x 24" unbelievable

On a less positive note one of my quality onions has decided to start rotting in the neck good job I have plenty to go at.


  1. Good luck Paul
    The runners look nice and straight
    40+ exhibits? you will surely know the meaning of the word stress

  2. Blicky Runners have been tased straight you can start doing this on the plant and continue the process when they have been picked and are in the fridge you can do the same with french beans
    Dick cheers the snake thing was good hope you did not make too much mess in your underpants lol

  3. Do you also pick the flowers off early, from the bean?
    I take all the flower off asap and start straightening early. However, I feel I left too many beans per stem this year and will take it down to 2-4 next

  4. Shame about the onion.
    Perhaps it was all the old mouldy skidmarked kecks wanged under the spare bed that spread it onto it ?
    Anyway hope you win another NVS medal this weekend then you'll have as many as Umpa !

  5. guess who did you leave the skid marked kecks when you visited ?
    Blicky I have not picked off any flowers or beans i just measure and pick 16" seems to be the bench mark any bigger and i seem to get bean bulge

  6. Paul/Darren, this year i have gradually thinned the bean trusses down to 1 or 2 leaving the best ones. Don't know if this 100% works or not, but i have about twenty five 17in beans in the fridge.

  7. Thanks for all the good luck messages and Marcus thanks for the advice I will try this method for Harrogate to try and get a decent set