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Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Day of 2 halves

It has been a funny kind of a day with lows and highs a sort of Merlot and rioja day.As they say I will start with the bad news first,after spending Thursday evening through to Friday morning on a job sleeping in my van and climbing trees with a camcorder (I think I am getting too old for this) still came in with the goods though.I then had to spend Friday taking Linda to dress wedding the time i got home and on to the garden it was gone 8pm I then rose at 5 am this morning to pull the long roots and a few other things that were needed.I climbed in to the Parsnip and long carrot house and started to pull long carrots from the drums,every one that i pulled had been attacked by carrot fly so i moved to the parsnips which had the same problem what ensued was carrot and parsnip carnage. I ended up pulling nearly every one and could not get any usable specimens and finally gave in and admitted defeat.My attentions then turned to the stumps and after pulling several specimens of both abaco and sweet candle I had some decent show able carrots and in particular I had a fantastic pair of sweet candle the best carrots I have ever grown.So off I went to Huddersfield with only an hour and a half left before the end of staging, I arrived and began staging leaving my collection till the last, when it came to staging the collection there was not enough room on the table so the organisers brought another table and set it up for my display which was a 3x 2 collection  2 leeks 2 stump rooted carrots and 2 large onions this was duly placed on the table and i made it for 955pm just time to check everything before judging then just before 10 I was approached by the stewards and told that they had now made space elsewhere for my collection and would like me to move it, I set about transferring the veg and moved the first leek as I placed  in the new position I heard a thud behind me and turned round to see the best ever carrot I have ever grown on the floor with a split in the side caused by the impact.Then the trouble started no one seemed to be bothered about the problem and after much negotiation a deal was struck and it was agreed that the exhibit would be judged in the condition that it was first exhibited fingers crossed this would happen.
In their favor it did, and upon my return close to closing for the first day I found that out of the 16 exhibits that I staged I had 12 red cards and 1 not as schedule which was vento which were grown for 250g and staged as under 8oz they were about 5 grammes over, Chris the Gardner got first but needs to learn how to tie them get a grip Chris Prizes were awarded this afternoon and I was pleasantly surprised to win four awards these were as follows
NVS plaque for best potatoes in show with 4 blue belle
NVS Medal for best veg exhibit in show for the collection
John Armitage trophy for best exhibit in section f  for collection
Frank Roebuck Trophy for winner of class f28  for collection
all in all a good but stress full weekend





  1. The Sweet Candle look fantastic Paul
    In fact it all looks pretty good
    I take it the Huddersfield show is a local show?
    If so your stuff looks far superior
    I also went with Blue Belle as my Kestrel were too small
    How did they get an NVS medal to awward?
    Can anyone apply for it ?

  2. I forgot to ask, how did carrot fly get into your carrot house, is it covered?

  3. Any close-ups of the carrots that were nibbled on please?

    ps. Great job you have!! ;~))

  4. Oh, and congrats on all the red cards!

  5. Darren it is a northern branch nvs show with nvs judges hence the awards. wish I knew how the flies got in total re think next year
    anonymous will post close ups tomorrow at least let us know who you are.

  6. Well done fella on the NVS medal,they're like rocking horse shit,especially when you have so many entries in all the classes like we do up here ;)

  7. Ok Paul thanks, I wan't sure as the red cards didn't have it on but I thought it must have been a big show for the quality you entered.
    Fantastic stuff, I also quite like the Abaco, never thought of showing them but I saw some in the Southern National and they looked good on the bench there also

  8. Dear Mr. Bastow

    May we take this opportunity of congratulating you on your success at your local NVS show. We were pleased to have played a small part.

    As most of the vegetables you borrowed from us are now rapidly approaching their 'Sell by' date, we would be most grateful if you would return them to us this morning as they are needed by our a customer of our Loughborough branch.

    Once again, congratulations on your success. We look forward to being of service to you again and note your future bookings already placed.

    Yours sincerely

    Betty Swallocks
    Fresh Produce Section
    Tesco PLC, Viaduct Street, Huddersfield

  9. Cheers for mention paul and well done again could you send me link on how to tie onions properly yours chris ps is Viaduct St that red light area.

  10. Rent a raddish (Richard or Dan) ill have the stuff back by 10 so you can rush it to Loughborough
    Dan cheers for the comment I will wear the medal with pride does that make me the
    Dick thanks
    chris the link is below

  11. Such a shame about your long carrots....I am truly gutted for you!

    (Exits stage left to piss his pants)


  12. Smiff I wondered when you would crawl out from under your stone and make a comment just glad I have 30 stumps to choose from for my collection at Harrogate a good 18 pointer is better than a bad 20 pointer well done might have been more appropriate.thanks for the comment anyway