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Sunday, 28 August 2011


Just a brief report with more to follow,all in all a very sucess full day
15 firsts
15 seconds
8 thirds
out of 47 exhibits


  1. Just the 9 abject failures - not bad for a northerner, I 'spose. Get your veg from Waitrose next year, rather than Asda.

  2. Richard cheers for pointing out the failures and not bothering to mention the massive success,just what I expected from a southern t**t

  3. Oh, sorry. Maths never was my strong point.

    Didn't you do well! That'll do for now. After all, we don't want another Smiffy..........ones enough for anyone. LOL!!

    What are the latest odds on you, Smiff and Unsworth for Harrogate? I might just take a punt.

  4. Nice one Paul however, I am disappointed that 9 didn't get placed
    Only joking mate, that is some going
    I am assuming you stormed most points in show?

  5. Jesus,everyones winning loads and I've not even pulled a carrot yet.
    Top Veg there boss !
    As for the odds at Harrogate Dicky 4" I'll give you 50,000-1 for me to place at Harrogate in the 6 class,I'll give you even money for Paul in the same class and 4-1on for Umpalumpa to become Smithveg WFA for a second show in sucession.

  6. Dan



    As I'm in a marginally less frivolous mood this morning and want to avoid my coffee being doctored next week, painful as it is, I have to admit that your Slaithwaite success is a superb achievement. Having seen first hand all the work you put in, I reckon you were done not getting 47 cards.