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Monday, 15 August 2011

Proof I can smile

More pics from the show to dispel the myth that I am a miserable get
 Always take someone to carry the trophies


  1. How come the Lady Mayoress has a tannoy stuck in the top of her head ?

  2. LOL Dan
    Paul, you had a lot to smile about

  3. Why is the lady mayor wearing a set of horse brasses.

    Ah! I see. My bad spelling!

  4. Richard I thought it was a horse no wonder she said her husband spent a lot of time bowling
    Dan it was the biggest thing to secure it to
    cheers darren

  5. sorry for the delay you will find new plants will do the same as the parent plant but try a few wat have you to lose a bit time you never no you might get good leeks or and a bit of heat witch will need to be on from oct or november next year i might buy mine in feb even if thay are £110 dozen it costes more to pot on and heat your greenhouse

  6. stig thanks for your reply I will try a few and see what happens and also get 24 plants in dec from dave Metcalf I have heat and light on tap so should be ok on that front

  7. If that's you being happy I can't wait to see you when you're miserable....after I've stuffed you at Harrogate probably!


  8. Thanks for the compliment simon I hope you have some good stuff for harrogate you will need it
    may the best man win
    how is your attempt at being national pea champion going?

  9. Watch out for the silent one closing in on the rails regarding Harrogate,I'm in on the bet don't forget....
    Cool Checked Mumu by the way fella,suits you Sir..

  10. Dan you have a good chance of winning and best of luck to you I would rather you win than rent a gob if he wins we are in for a year of misery
    by the way it is a tog 24 shirt quality item not like your reggata stuff.and it is Muumuu actually.