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Friday, 29 July 2011

A new Personal Best

After consulting a couple of people re when to lift the Onion that has been earmarked for the 6x1 collection at Harrogate it was decided today was the day, as the outer skin was still intact and I did not want to risk it splitting and having to strip it again and wait another 2 weeks for a decent outer skin to form.I lifted it this afternoon and cleaned the roots it was then weighed intact the weight was 8lb 4oz a new personal best  although I have some much bigger ones to lift yet I am really chuffed with this one the shape and condition are spot on.I then trimmed the tops and roots and the finished article weighed 6lb 9 1\2 which should look good on my collection


  1. Think you've posted the wrong picture, Paul. Isn't that your left testicle?

    Nice one! :-)

  2. Richard wrong yet again it is the right one did I mention that if you seed a Pendle leek the seeds and resulting plants will not be true to strain due to it being a hybrid

  3. No you didn't. I put it down to the piss you call beer affecting the Neanderthal-type brain characteristic of all born north of Watford.

    Whatever, that's the biggest Hative de Niort I've ever seen.

  4. that looks a good 1 paul don't let them southerners put you off. chris.

  5. Bloody hell Paul, they look incredible
    Would look good either wide of one of my Carrots

  6. LOL!!! Nice one, Darren. Great minds think alike!

  7. Nice to see that beaming smile of unbridled happiness bursting across your face at your new record.
    Christ, I thought I was a miserable looking bastard !

  8. cheers chris i wont
    darren yes they would but they will look even better at harrogate
    dick f**k of
    dan I nearly smiled in the second photo but do not be fooled it is only a bit of trapped wind