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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dodging the rain

I spent most of the day in the tunnels because of the weather I did however manage to get some of the bags of spuds away in to the shed they should dry out and the skins harden up then in a couple of weeks I will empty them and sort them in to sets they will then be placed in compost till my shows.
My first proper go at caulis seems to be working as they are now coming thick and fast I have more coming on behind so hopefully I should have some to show
I also have some nice swedes  for kitchen use the variety I grow is Gowrie as I have club root in the land this is a resistant variety which I can plant anywhere without worrying about the disease 
The giant tomatoes are gaining weight thy look ugly not sure if this is how they are supposed to be as I have never grown them before

Both large onions are now taping at 26" they are still growing but not throwing out any more leaves

Finally the Onion that I am planning to use for my 6x1 collection at Harrogate has gained another inch and now measures 21" I will give it another couple of weeks then get it out  to ripen

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