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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Gone to seed part 2

Disaster has struck yet again with some of my Pendle leeks going to seed I was tidying up the bed this afternoon when I noticed the seed heads on 4 of them I have resigned myself to the fact that the rest will follow.I have no idea what has caused them to do this as they have never got cold or dry while they have been in my care and the onions which have shared the same environment are all fine.

I have also been experimenting with Caulis for my collection of 6 at harrogate I have been sowing 10 per week for the last ten weeks with the hope of hitting the show with at least one good un. we are now eating the first batch both White and Purple  the ones in the photo have gone over a bit but that is just down to having too many to eat at once.The Purple ones are for a class of 2 caulis other than white also at Harrogate.

I have cleaned back all the dead skins on my Quality onions today as they are nearing the size I require the idea is to let them go another few days for the ridges to grow out from where the outer layers have been removed the majority are around 17" circumference and I will start harvesting as they reach 17 1/2"
Dan reckons this should be just right for the 1 to 1.5 kilo class

the giant tomatoes grown from seed Dan sent me are looking like mutants and would not win any prizes for good looks but they are intended to be only for weight

Mt corn is romping along with all the cobs now fertilised it is a case of making sure every little strand that comes from the start of a cob gets pollinated if not you will have blank patches in your cobs.

I have placed 4 Carmen plants in tubs and intend to grow them up the hoops on the tunnel so that the fruits hang down and do not get marked.
I also had a visitor today


  1. Always good to see slug munchers in the garden. Together with frogs, I reckon we under estimate the help they give us.

    Sorry about your leeks - jealous of your onions!

  2. Bugger! One of mine's thrown up a flower spike overnight!

  3. Richard I am very pleased with the Onions I will be getting some more seed from Vin in the near future for next year as for the Leeks I have no idea why they have done this but will give dave metcalfe a ring today to ask him I also whant to know if the seed from these will be any good to save
    stand by for an answer

  4. Too late! I pulled mine earlier and the barrel now is in sections in the fridge. Hopefully, my other one will behave. We'll see.

  5. Onions and caulies are looking great but that tomato is one ugly bugger!

  6. That's a bit harsh, Damo. Surely you meant 'visually challenged'.

  7. Boys the leeks taste good I have left some in to flower and intend to try and get some grass from them later on as for the tomato there is £30 to be won at Harrogate for the heaviest looks ar unimportant.