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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Out of the Bag

My spuds needed checking today to see if they were ready,as I have 100 bags I was able to empty a few to check the size the results are as follows

 Nvs Amour
 The contents of one bag of Blue belle these all came from 1 seed Potato
 The ones for eating 
I still need to check Celine and Nadine which I endeavour to do this next week

My show perfection peas are starting to form the first pods and as you can see from the photos there are 11 peas forming in them which is very pleasing some have 12. I have never grown them before but will definitely be growing them again

As my Onions seem to not be growing very much I have decided to try and match a set at 1200 g I would have liked bigger but would rather have a set than be struggling later at the moment I have 3 which all tape at 17.5" and weigh within 20 g of each other so I just need another 2 which I hope to get within the week, The soft fur that they are sat on came from Smithys car seat covers he has now changed them for pink furry ones so let me have the old ones for my onions. 
No more dramas with the Leeks I have 12 which have not gone to seed they now measure 53mm in diameter  with an 18" blanch photo to follow.


  1. That NVS Amour spud looks like a cross between Jimmy Hill and Hitler.
    Check out the tash.....
    OK I'm pissed.

  2. Good looking spuds and onions Paul.

  3. Your spuds look good Paul. Really glad you posted them as I had a look at some of mine and had to take the shaws off my Sherine, Blue Belle, Bonnie & Harmony. I really need to get my dates worked out better. Think I've missed the boat with my NVS Amour as two or three tatties too big and a lot of smaller ones. I've decided to leave them for a week or so in the hope the smaller ones size up.

  4. Dan I see what you mean
    Damo thanks I looked on your blog earlier chillies and Peppers looking very good
    On the Plot I find it better to sacrifice a bag or 2 in order to get the size right mt nadine are still really small for some reason.